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We provide various media services and capabilities, including studio production of audio and/or video, on-site recording, and voice-over.



Current productions include the award winning “Qigong with Jessica Kolbe.” This is a free-form show with little to no post production.

This show airs 4 times per week in Santa Barbara on TVSB, channel 17. You can view the show online. Previous shows can be viewed at Vimeo.

This series showcases Jessica's Qigong aand Tai Chi teaching style. She demonstrates various styles including: Wudang Tai Chi, Animal Frolics, Tai Chi Easy©, and more.

I operate the three remote cameras, the tricaster and audio board, and I perform the technical directing. In addition, I provide any post-production work, lower 3rds, and any needed graphics. By providing most of this in advance, the show is typically done in one take, making post-production negligible.

Ray in Production studio

Jessica provides the script and cast direction, when there are guests.

Beginning with the intro, I created the graphics that are used along with the animations. I sequenced the shots, provided the voice-over, and all of the editing effects.

Shifting to the end, I created all of the outro graphics and animations, including the rolling credits.

I recognize tha value in shifting camera angles, close-ups versus a mid or wide-shot depending upon desired focus, and ensuring the quality of sound. As you watch these shows, you'll notice that in this context, I prefer the slow camera fade between shots. I find this less distracting and more in keeping with the mood of the show.

Watching the show, you notice that the camera angles and zoom make sense. The sequence provided is easy to follow. This is due to the exceptional teaching style of Jessica and the focus, angles, and camera zoom, and camera switches that I am responsible for.

There are circumstances where the techniques differ. For instance, in fast-moving sports, the scene or camera angle cuts should be much faster, possibly providing some enhanced transitions, rather than a simple fade. In interview situations the cuts should be other than the slowest fade, as used in the Qigong show. However, this is also not the place for different style transitions. That is, fades are the right choice, but they should be medium or even fast, depending upon the pace of the show.

I have also produced some videos demonstrating Cadillac's CUE system. These and some other videos can be found on my youtube channel.



I previously produced, hosted, edited, and scripted a TV show “Yoga Santa Barbara Style.” This show used a talk-show format, containing multiple segments, recorded at various times and combined in post-production.

One segment was an interview, where I interviewed a local yoga teacher. Also there was a 20 minute yoga practice, taught by the instructor being interviewed. This segment was recorded at a yoga studio, then shortened to fit the format of the show. There were also segments where a single pose was taught, meditation was discussed and demonstrated, yoga philosophy was discussed, yoga news was presented by Sarah Remick, and a nutritional demonstration which was also provided by Sarah Remick.

My first professional video was released as a DVD “5 Element Tai Chi: Medicine for the Organs” which was filmed in my backyard. The script was written by Kathleen Boisen, the director was Jerry Martin. It was filmed on location by me and two other cameramen. I also edited and packaged the result, including the artwork, which started out as a painting by Boisen. This video is still for sale at

I have worked as a radio announcer and I have had several radio shows. A recent show at KCSB-FM was Conscious Vibes. Here's a promo for that show. I have also done a number of PSAs (Public Service Announcements) while at KCSB. Here are a few of those: